Translation Agency, Moscow
Translation Agency, Moscow
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Translation Agency, Moscow

Long-term cooperation

Our agency cooperates with the clients who need professional translation services. First of all we are focused on our corporate clients and long-term cooperation. The main advantage of our translation agency in a good combination of prices and quality. We appreciate our work but nevertheless strive to gain profit not to high surplus but due to quick and accurate performance of many translation orders. This makes possible our team due to a special job sequence. In this way our clients get best translation services without overpaying for it.

Translation Services

Flarus translation agency offers a wide range of services: translations from 68 languages, text editing, proofreading, desktop publishing, website translation, promotion & optimization, interpreting.

Translation agency activity is greatly influenced by economic cycles relating to our clients work and a number of factors depending of occasional parameters which are impossible to forecast. It means that translation services as any our services available on the market can have unstable demand periods, be overloaded or, on the contrary, stay idle.

Long-term cooperation of the client and translation agency allows minimizing staying idle periods both for the client and agency. For our clients we reserve translators who are able to work on their own or in team over big projects. Therefore, there is no necessity to attract the translators from other projects who will need some additional time to learn the material.

Our manager working with the customers company gradually learns all the clients demands to translation, finance documents and other specific peculiarities of the clients company. You dont need to agree the form of invoice and discuss the translation payment terms and conditions every time.

Our individual approach allows reducing the order agreement and registration time as well as indirectly decrease the average translation cost by using the translation agency resources in a more rational and systematic way.

The cooperation with our translation agency allows learn all the translation requirements from your companys side in a good way. No matter what they say about the general translation requirements faithfulness, terminological accuracy and so on, the specific requirements for each activity and each company are also important. Such requirements are difficult to write as a list. Only gradually the translation requirements can be formed and the translators suitable for you can be found.

Areas and Themes

In some cases we use specialized glossaries which are filled by our translators on a regular basis and contain the vocabulary typical for your company activity.

The cooperation with the translation agency begins with signing of a translation services agreement. We only need the company details. In 10 minutes the agency manager will make the agreement and send it via email.

Each day we process a great volume of translation work. It allows us to attract professional translators interested in steady employment, and on the other hand - serious lients, interested in a reliable contractor. Working with us you will see that these are not idle words!

Russian translation agency is established in 2001. We have translated 180.000 technical, medical, legal texts and 17 books ready for publication. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

How much does it cost to translate a document?

We will be happy to offer our best qualified translators and editors of all major languages and all kinds of related services.

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Legal translation from Russian to English of a contract with a wireless communication and short messages services provider.

Translations in process: 40
Current work load: 61%

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