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Translation and Proofreading Services
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Moscow Translation Agency Flarus

Flarus Translation Agency today:
  • 16 years of experience at the global translation market;
  • translations of any complexity;
  • translation into 32 worlds languages;
  • free test translation;
  • advanced translation technologies;
  • control of translation quality;
  • reputation of the professional translation agency in Moscow.

Excellent knowledge of all specific features of the native language and ability to penetrate deeply into the foreign text meaning these very qualities distinguish a true professional and provide high quality of his translations. The translation quality is 80% dependent on the translator. If the text to be translated is technical, then it is necessary to be competent in the scientific and technical field that is in question. Therefore, most of our technical translators have both linguistic and engineering education, and also work experience in the field of science and production.

If all texts translated by our translators are printed in one line, you will get a line of 20,000 kilometers in length!

The Translation Agency office in the center of Moscow

Over 10,000 clients cooperate with our translation company, including state institutions, scientific and research institutes, laboratories, welfare funds, large and well-known companies and their representative offices in Russia: Auchan, BBDO Marketing, NTV, Epson, Amway, Ernst and Young CIS, Schneider Intercom, Tupperware, Roche, Xerox, and LG International.

Our company having all the necessary official documents to render the best services, standing out against other translation agencies. Contact the Translation Company in Moscow. There you will be provided with the services of highly skilled translators of English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and other languages.

The concept of "translation in moscow" as such implies a joint work of a large quantity of translators in a single project. However, such work has multiple features being principally different. Conditions of work can be different too.

It is the most popular type of cooperation, when all management is centralized in one place, while others perform their specific functions. For instance: suppose that a translation agency receives a large-scale order. For example, it can be a technical translation containing diagrams, drawings, documents and description of a device. As a rule, technical documentation is submitted in form of a set of files in different formats: DOC (literature, descriptions and manuals), XLS (estimates, lists), DWG, CDR (drawings, diagrams and plots), PPI (presentations and dummies of advertisement and marketing objects), PDF (all the abovementioned), etc. A total number of files can be as big as hundreds, or even thousands in some cases.

Such a project, should it be performed by one translator only, will take years to be completed. Naturally, it is unacceptable for the customer, and so this is the very case to resort to cooperation at the translation market. More definitely, the translation agency which has undertaken to perform this order begins to seek for subcontractors. They may be both freelance translators and other translation agencies.

Translation in moscow possesses peculiarities of its own, and I as the top manager of Flarus translation agency did not encounter this kind of cooperation. Yet one can suppose that certain projects will be too tough even to big translation agencies, while subcontracting will not be the thing they want. In such a case, the only acceptable variant is to share the project with others, in order to earn even though a part instead of losing everything.

It is evident that cooperating translation agencies should be approximately equal in terms of the scale of their business, organization of working processes and qualification of their managers. In this case it is possible to divide the project into portions which require lesser coordination of terminology between each other. Each part will be regarded as an independent project in such a case, and thus the translation can be performed for a significantly shortened time.

There were precedents in our practice when a customer who wished to have the translation made was taking up "arbitration"; that is, it was he who divided the initial text into appropriate parts. Apparently, due to his understanding that cooperation of you-should-share-your-job type at the Russian translation market would not do, the customer himself was splitting the project into parts and giving them to various translation agencies for work. Advantages of this method should not be underrated. Each agency engaged in the project is taking part in the contest from behind, as the result of all agencies work will be estimated by the customer. It is quite probable that on the base of this decision only one of these translation agencies will be chosen as a partner for the further cooperation. Contact

Latest translation:
Translation from Russian to English of a material safety data sheet. Recommendations for material inspection. Personnel protection.

Translations in process: 86
Current work load: 63%

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