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Translation and Proofreading Services
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German to Russian Translation

Translations from German to Russian amount for 10% of the translation agencies volume of work and approximately 25% of similar translations from English.

Prices for translation

Translation Price List
Service Price, EUR

per page per word
Proofreading - german 8 EUR 0.03 EUR
Translation : english → german 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : german → english 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : german → russian 6 EUR 0.03 EUR
Translation : german → french 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : german → estonian 24 EUR 0.09 EUR
Translation : russian → german 8 EUR 0.03 EUR
Audio deciphering and video transcription : german 5 EUR 0.02 EUR
Stylistic editing of the text : german 8 EUR 0.03 EUR
Interpreting english ↔ russian ↔ german 39 EUR 0.15 EUR
Interpreting german ↔ russian 39 EUR 0.15 EUR
Translation cost includes all taxes
Translation Price List

Our translation agency specializes in linguistic services for business. We translate from German to Russian. Our translators can help check the translation, proofread and edit the text. In our company we have specialists in various fields. To place an order for a translation, contact us by the phone or email.

Most translations from German are associated with electrical equipment, mechanical engineering and energy sector. However, even the share of technical translations from German such as manuals, technical documents, and texts for the telecommunications sector has decreased significantly over the past 2-3 years.

Proportion of translations from Russian to German remains virtually unchanged. Translations to German are often legal texts: contracts, supply agreements and marketing documents, presentations, price lists, catalogues.

German is the official language in Germany, Austria and is one of the four official languages in Switzerland. In each of these countries, and even within Germany itself, German language is subject to local influences, idioms and dialects. To ultimately adapt translation from Russian to German for the German speaking target audience we hire native German speakers to work on the translations. Part of our translators who work with German live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and they do their translations and proofreading in German.

Bavarian dialect

Bavarian dialect is one of the most complicated and fascinating dialects of the German language. Even the perfect knowledge of the standard German (Standarddeutsch, Hochdeutsch) doesn`t guarantee that you will understand a Bavarian conversation.

Standard German grammar has many differences from Bavarian grammar. First, Bavarian has no genitive case. The -ei diphthong is replaced with -oa, the usual `ich` becomes `i` so that instead of a traditional `ich hei?e` (my name is) we get `i hoas` and `boarisch` instead of `bayerisch`. The vocabulary is also very different. They even publish a special Bavarian dictionary.

The pronunciation in Bavarian is unlike German too. The articulation is clearer and their pronouncing of [r] sound is similar to the Russian front []. Hard consonants get softer in Bavarian which results in less sharp sound than in standard German.

In German, there are letters with umlauts (diacritical marks). With the inability to use diacritical marks (keyboards layout does not provide this option, or specific font is not installed, etc.) letters with an umlaut in German language can be replaced by digraphs: a for ae, o on oe, u to ue. Client can send us a text in German, where instead of umlauts there are digraphs, but when our translators translate from Russian into German, they always translate using traditional style, i.e. using umlauts.

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