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Arabic - Russian Translation

It is believed that the Arabic language is very complicated. Linguists and translators from Arabic explain this stereotype by the fact that this language does not belong to the Indo-European language family and, therefore, is subject to the very different rules than the European languages. In general, this language is based on the strict grammatical rules, after having mastered which, one can speak and translate from the Arabic language and back without much difficulty.

The bulk of translations from Russian into Arabic, which we have done in the recent years, are related to the medical theme, translations of the websites, and translations of technical instructions for the gadgets. Translations of contracts stand out as a rule due to the lengthy procedure of approvals and amendments in both languages (Arabic and Russian). We have done a number of translations on the armament and military subjects.

Translation Price List
Service Price, EUR

per page per word
Proofreading - arabic 9 EUR 0.04 EUR
Translation : english → arabic 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : arabic → english 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : arabic → russian 11 EUR 0.04 EUR
Translation : russian → arabic 12 EUR 0.05 EUR
Interpreting arabic ↔ russian 39 EUR 0.15 EUR
Translation cost includes all taxes
Translation Price List

If you refer to our agency for the first time, you can be impressed by fast agreement of the order. It is essential to take into account that a great number of orders provided owing to the best translation price is possible only under fast and coordinated work of the whole translation agency team.

Website translation

Translate your website into Arabic, and you can get a lot of new contacts and information. We use our experience and best practices of our translators to create and to translate websites into foreign languages, and not just into English.

The direction of written text, reading, and eye movements when viewing a website is from right to left. It is a key feature of the Arabic language, which immediately strikes a users eye accustomed to the traditional direction from left to right. Due to the reverse direction, Arabic is one of the most difficult languages to create and to layout web pages. Placing of figures that do not comply with the general text direction and are written from left to right.

Technological platform

Very few website creation platforms make it possible to change readily the layout of pages to display them from right to left. In most cases, it is necessary to re-create the layout of pages based on the source code of the website in Russian or English. In case of the mirrored layout of a web page, it is also necessary to change the text alignment, to rearrange the graphic design, and occasionally to change it in case of icons with arrows or hard text.

Graphic design

Often, a client tries to use the graphic design of the original website in the website translated into Arabic, and it is by no means always right. It is referred not to the illustrations, but to specific graphic elements such as borders, icons & buttons, etc. If you keep the graphic design unchanged, you will get a very odd-looking website in Arabic.


Arabic fonts are not widespread in Internet due to the fact that it is necessary to use only standard fonts on web pages. In addition, it is essential to observe font size, writing, and clarity being much more important for Arab than, for example, for English.

Our translation agency cooperates with a group of Arabic translators performing a professional translation of websites for our clients. The advantage of such translation is numerous new responses and contacts, which you will get, if your website is translated into Arabic.

Latest translation:
Mount McKinley and the Mazama Expedition.

Translations in process: 114
Current work load: 37%

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