Translation and Proofreading Services
Translation and Proofreading Services
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Italian to Russian Translation

Our translation agency provides a wide range of services from Italian: translation, editing and proofreading texts in Italian. More than half of the translations from Italian to Russian ordered in our translation agency are catalogues of the companies representing perfume and cosmetic industry. Italian language is the language of fashion and design. However, recently technical translations for the foodservice industry also come up.

Translation Price List
Service Price, EUR

per page per word
Proofreading - italian 7 EUR 0.03 EUR
Translation : english → italian 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : italian → english 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : italian → polish 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : italian → romanian 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : italian → russian 6 EUR 0.03 EUR
Translation : russian → italian 8 EUR 0.03 EUR
Interpreting english ↔ russian ↔ italian 39 EUR 0.15 EUR
Interpreting italian ↔ russian 39 EUR 0.15 EUR
Translation cost includes all taxes
Translation Price List

Translations from Italian constitute 2% of all services of the translation and we are interested in further promoting the services to avoid downtime of our "Italians". Therefore we offer a unique price for translation from Italian in comparison with the majority of translation companies in Moscow.

If you refer to our agency for the first time, you can be impressed by fast agreement of the order. It is essential to take into account that a great number of orders provided owing to the best translation price is possible only under fast and coordinated work of the whole translation agency team.

Latest translation:
Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Lined Tubing Completions.

Translations in process: 80
Current work load: 51%

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Translation price:
450,00 rub


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Russia, Moscow,
ul. Bolshaya Molchanovka, 34 bld. 2, of. 25
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