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Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
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Chinese to Russian Translation

Our prices are one of the lowest at the Russian translation market, particularly in Moscow. Thats exactly why every day we obtain order for translations, connected with Chinese, successfully execute them and always deliver just in time.

The price for translations from Chinese to Russian is stated for one page of a text in Russian (i.e. the cost of translation from Chinese is set according to the translated text, and the previous estimation is done due to the following ratio: 1 page = 300 Chinese hieroglyphs).

Translation Price List
Service Price
1 EUR ~ 67 rub
Proofreading - chinese 480 rub / pg.
Translation : english → Indonesian 1200 rub / pg.
Translation : english → chinese 1200 rub / pg.
Translation : chinese → english 1200 rub / pg.
Translation : chinese → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : russian → chinese 810 rub / pg.
Stylistic editing of the text : chinese 480 rub / pg.
Interpreting english ↔ russian ↔ chinese 2700 rub / hr.
Interpreting chinese ↔ russian 2700 rub / hr.
Translation cost includes all taxes
Translation Price List

We entrust with Chinese-Russian translations only native speakers, depending on the orientation. So, Russian-Chinese translation is performed by a Chinese person (there are 3 specialist of this kind in our agency, one of them lives in Moscow). Chinese-Russian or Chinese-English translation is performed by a Russian translator. It is difficult to find in Russia good specialists in the sphere of Chinese language. Almost all of them are engaged in projects, requiring high responsibility, thats why the price for translation from Chinese to Russian is relatively high, comparing with other language orientations.

There are many dialects of Chinese language. Some of them, Shanghai, Kwangtung (Cantonese) are so cardinally different from the Northern dialects, that Chinese people, speaking these dialects, are not able to understand each other. Implementation of common and standard "Putunhua" language has become the way out of this situation. Teaching at educational organizations is conducted in this language; it is used in PRC institutions, all citizens of the country are obliged to speak it. As for text translation specialization from Chinese, there is no great variety. 30% of Chinese language translators work consists of customs declarations, agreements and contracts with Chinese partners.

It is necessary to mention one peculiarity concerning translations from Chinese to Russian. Very often our agency deals with orders, concerning Chinglish. Let us explain. It is a mixture of English words, created via machine translators with the following edition by Chinese specialists in English. Such kind of texts in English is often even not understandable. We realize that translation from English to Russian costs much cheaper than translation from Chinese to Russian, but we should warn the potential customers of being ready for unusual expressions and distortion of meaning, when getting a finished translation from Chinese. To make an adequate translation it is necessary to use only original text in Chinese!

Need more information about our services? We will be glad to answer all your questions.

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Russia, Moscow,
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