Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
Russia, Moscow,
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Translation Swedish - Russian

We must admit that translations from Swedish are not very popular among our Russian customers. Nevertheless, there are several professional translators from Swedish in our team and some of them are native speakers, who live in Sweden.

Translation rates

Translation Price List
Service Price
1 EUR ~ 67 rub
Proofreading - swedish 480 rub / pg.
Translation : english → swedish 750 rub / pg.
Translation : russian → swedish 780 rub / pg.
Translation : swedish → russian 660 rub / pg.
Interpreting swedish ↔ russian 2700 rub / hr.
Translation cost includes all taxes

Our clients can always place an order for a translation from Swedish. We perform quality translations of business correspondence from Swedish to Russian and vice versa, as well as legal, technical, literary, and medical translations. We never use electronic translators which quality is questionable and can`t be compared to the professional translator`s work, especially if he is a native speaker.

A team of three people processes each text: a translator, a proofreader and an editor. As a final step, the client can order proofreading by a native speaker. That helps to adapt the text perfectly for Swedish speaking readers. In our agency, you can order a translation to Swedish of a web site as well as a translation of marketing text and ads.

A translator can make six pages per day on the average, but in case the text is complicated, such as an official document, technical documents for equipment etc., it may take 30-50% longer than usual. To calculate the cost for a translation, you should send the text to our manager.

We strongly recommend you to order proofreading by a native speaker after the translation to Swedish. We also accept texts for editing and proofreading even if they were translated to Swedish elsewhere. Our well experienced translators can not only provide linguistic support of your correspondence with Swedish and Finland business-partners, but also assist at business meetings as interpreters from Russian to Swedish and vice versa.

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Latest translation:
Translation from Russian to English of a purchase and supply contract for spare auto parts.

Translations in process: 12
Current work load: 61%

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450,00 rub


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Moscow, Russia
ul. Bolshaya Molchanovka, 34 bld. 2, of. 25
+7 495 504-71-35 from 9.30 till 17.30 | Contacts