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Translation and Proofreading Services
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Translation from Polish to Russian

The cost of translation to Polish is for one page (basic rates).

Translation Price List
Service Price, EUR

per page per word
Proofreading - polish 9 EUR 0.04 EUR
Translation : english → polish 24 EUR 0.09 EUR
Translation : greek → polish 24 EUR 0.09 EUR
Translation : italian → polish 24 EUR 0.09 EUR
Translation : dutch → polish 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : polish → english 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : polish → dutch 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : polish → russian 9 EUR 0.04 EUR
Translation : polish → finnish 24 EUR 0.09 EUR
Translation : russian → polish 9 EUR 0.04 EUR
Interpreting polish ↔ russian 39 EUR 0.15 EUR
Translation cost includes all taxes
Translation Price List

Calculation of the cost of the translation is done on the basis of the original document. Translation from the Polish language at the rate of more than six pages a day is considered urgent, the cost of such translation can be increased above the basic rates.

In Poland, Polish language is the language of communication and it has significant importance for the companies that want to start operating on the Polish market. Translation from Polish to Russian is being carried out by the Russian translator who is fluent in Polish (but is a native Russian speaker). We can offer you the services of our translators in different areas: technical, scientific, legal, artistic and medical.

Advertising, legal and commercial documents create the image of the company. That is why stylistic accuracy of the translation of such texts is essential. When translating such documents from Russian to Polish it is necessary to hire a translator or editor, who is a native Polish speaker. Graphics of the contemporary literary Polish language is based on the Latin alphabet with diacritical marks being used in writing.

Vocabulary in the Polish language is mainly composed of the common Slavic words and Polish descent. The largest scope of the loanwords is from Latin, German, Czech, English, Italian, and French. Loanwords mainly relate to the book style, in particular a large number of them can be found among the scientific and technical terminology, and less - among everyday words.

It is worth mentioning an interesting feature of the Polish language, which is always being noted by the translators and those who study Polish, namely: many of the words that are considered obsolete in Russian, in the Polish language, in contrast, are being used on a daily basis. Many of the Polish words derive from German and Hebrew, as well as from the eastern Slavic languages. In addition, in Polish vocabulary words of Latin, Czech, Lithuanian, French, and Italian origin can sometimes be found.

Latest translation:
Technical translation from Russian to English of a manual for a digital video recorder.

Translations in process: 78
Current work load: 27%

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Russia, Moscow,
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