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Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
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Translation Services

Translation Services is work that should be done by professional translators. Many people know a language well enough to translate a text, a document or a personal letter. But in addition to knowledge of the foreign language, it is essential to have considerable translation experience, and to be able to translate documents of differing complexity.

Translation price is given for one standard page (1800 characters) of original text. You can get a free quote of your translation. Just send the text to our manager.

Translation Price List
Service Price
1 EUR ~ 67 rub
Translation : english → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : arabic → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : hungarian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : dannish → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation : spanish → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : italian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : kazakh → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : chinese → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : german → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : polish → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : serbian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : turkish → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : finnish → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation : french → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : hindi → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : czech → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : japanese → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : slovac → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : slovenian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : swedish → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation cost includes all taxes

Professional translation is regarded by many a man as a derivative work. However, this is not the case: translation is a creative process, regardless from what and into what language it is made, or what its subject and specialization is. It is an independent text, a document, a product which begins to live its own life since the moment of its creation. There were cases, quite often, when a professional translation in Russian edition occurred to be better than the original, thanks to the translators taste and talent. We do not promise you that our translation will surpass the original but guarantee professional performance thereof.

The key difference of a professional agency is existence of legal guarantees of translation quality which is usually ensured by the signed contract wherein all key terms of the translations are specified: period, stylistic requirements, terminology maintenance, etc.

You can order our professional translation services without leaving your working place. To do it, just send your text to us by e-mail and specify the date you need to get your text ready. As soon as 10 minutes later at most, our office manager will send you complete information about a price of the translation, a recommended date of readiness and discounts possible.

To translate a text, to check up and correct the translated text, to find a necessary text in Internet and have it translated, to proofread the text, to have a desktop publishing of the text in accordance with the original Flarus translation agency is ready to help you. During the time of our practical work we accumulated a large amount of typical orders and elaborated the system of processing each of them.

Translation price

The price of translation of a text is specified on base of one standard page of the initial text at an average translation rate of six standard pages a day per one translator. In case of translation from Oriental languages, the price calculation is done on base of the ready text.

When calculating the translation cost, most companies take one page of original text (~250 words, ~1800 characters) as an accounting unit. Translation Price

Translation price in our agency is lower than that in other companies. Effective translators labor organization makes it possible to minimize costs and thus to maintain low prices for services. Attractive prices for clients provide a steady flow of orders. This, in its turn, motivates translators, who are interested in constant provision with orders from the translation agency.

Translation Speed

Translation services are performed by people, and translators abilities are limited. Standard speed of the majority of translators is 6-10 pages a day. 10 pages a day is the result of a very good translator. 15-20 pages for one person is working almost at the top of his bent. Urgent translation service is a 6-10-hour work a day, demanding extreme concentration and carefulness.

The decision of performing a translation service is not in the sphere of jollying the prices of translations or quality loss, but in the sphere of optimization of well-coordinated teamwork of translators and editors of the agency. If the text can be logically divided, an translation service may be done by a team of translators.

Not all texts may be divided into parts to organize team translation. The following documents are difficult to be translated urgently: Ppi (Power Point presentations), Cad (AutoCAD drawings), Cdr (Corel Draw documents), graphical file formats (JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF).

Some texts are done in one style, bound by one plot, and is very difficult to be divided. In this case it is impossible to perform translation by a team.

The original text has many specific terms, demanding uniform translation to keep the unity of terminology. Such texts are also difficult to divide into parts and translate as a team.

Text complexity groups

Translators work is a creative process requiring precise transfer of the original text preserving its style and expressive language means. Meanwhile the translator will not translate a text which is too difficult for him and require higher professional qualification. Each translator translates only the texts of his qualification level. Getting new knowledge the translator upgrades his professional level and can translate more complex texts.

The texts for written translation can be divided into three groups:

1. Texts on general and specific topics relating to different knowledge spheres. Such texts are easy to translate due to their semantic content as well as their vocabulary and style.

2. Texts on highly specialized topics as well as multi-industry texts which shall be translated with the help of special dictionaries and reference materials due to their semantic content as well as their vocabulary and style.

3. Texts on new knowledge fields topics which shall be translated not only with the help of special dictionaries and reference materials but also with the help of consultation with the industry specialists and additional materials collection due to their semantic content as well as their vocabulary and style.

While translating complex texts the experienced translators work out their own working strategy. However their work consists of the following three stages as a rule:

1. Acquaintance with the text.

2. Finding out difficult and unknown terms and clarifying their meaning with the help of special dictionaries or asking a customer.

3. Text translation itself.

Some translators prefer to leave clarifying of the most difficult text issues for the final stage of translation. It is reasonable as in the process of translation the translator dips into the topic and understands it on a specialists level grasping the most difficult text elements.


Select the language pair, specify the amount of text and get calculation of the translation cost. We will be happy to provide free quotes for any of our services. Simply e-mail, attaching documents you would like translating, and we will give you a definitive quote. Contact Us

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