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Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
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Editing and Proofreading

Proofreading is a specialized service which is usually required after desktop publishing of leaflets, catalogues and manuals. It is possible that some words or carryovers can be lost and he order of words and textual block be breached in course of performing DTP. Inscription can relate to wrong graphic objects, as compared to the original. Proofreading implies verification of the translated text and the text after DTP, and correction of the text.

Our Translation Agency deals with translations on a daily basis. We translate public documents, literary works, restaurant menus, complex technical manuals, etc. After the translators work is done, all these texts need final proofreading to be done by a native speaker. This is particularly so with public documents where any unfortunate misprints and mistakes are absolutely unexcusable.

Proofreading by a native speaker

It doesnt mean that the translator failed to do his job properly. Even a most qualified translator who has been working in his field for decades can make a slip in his text from time to time. Proofreading is sometimes important because there is difference between English and Russian syntax structures. The language is alive and it is constantly changing. Only a native speaker can create a text taking into account all the nuances of contemporary and unique language.

Sometimes we receive orders only for final proofreading of texts translated in other agency. The customers can be dissatisfied with the quality of the translation, but they are unable to estimate the quality by themselves and they want the translator to improve the text, to make it less awkward and formal, to shorten long expressions, to add some colloquial terms or, visa versa, to remove them from formal documents.

Native speakers are the linguists having a professional command of the Russian language, who translate into their native language staying in their language environment on a regular basis. Flarus translation agency offers such specialists at your service.

If a text which is to be translated will be read by foreigners, you can order stylistic editing by the native speaker.

The cost of editing by native speaker

Translation Price List
Service Price
1 EUR ~ 67 rub
Proofreading - english (UK) 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - english (US) 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - arabic 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - bulgarian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - hungarian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - vietnamese 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - dutch 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - greek 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - dannish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - hebrew 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - Indonesian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - spanish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - italian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - kyrgyz 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - chinese 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - korean 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - lithuanian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - german 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - polish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - portugese 480 rub / pg.
Stylistic editing of the text - russian 240 rub / pg.
Proofreading - slovac 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - slovenian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - turkish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - Farsi 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - finnish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - french 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - hindi 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - czech 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - swedish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - japanese 480 rub / pg.
Translation cost includes all taxes
Translation Price List

If you have special requirements to the translation style and terminology accuracy, please, call us and our native speakers will edit your texts.

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Translation from Russian to English of a purchase and supply contract for spare auto parts.

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