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Scientific style of translation or editing

Scientific style of translation is represented by such genres of texts as scientific monograph or scientific article, thesis work, learned prose, study and methodological guides, reports, scientific reports, lectures. Partly, among them we can find scientific and technical works (instructions, technical specifications, engineering developments, scientific and technical articles), as well as genres of popular-science literature.

Characteristic features of scientific translation are accuracy, brevity, consistency, and logical sequence of utterance and objectivity of presentation. All these features are formed by appropriate choice of vocabulary and syntax. The main function of the documents is information message and proof of its truth.

From the point of view of vocabulary, scientific style of translation is characterized by frequent use of the same words and refusal to replace them with synonyms, such that logical links are traced; a lack of counterwords and common words: a translator of science texts prefers not to give direct assessment and rationally states the facts.

So when translating syntactic structures of the scientific style, the estrangement of the author and the objectivity of the proposed information are maximum demonstrated. This applies to the use of impersonal constructions instead of the first person: there is reason to believe, it is widely thought, it is known, presumably, one can say, it should be emphasized, you should pay attention, and a large number of passive constructions.

The cost of editing

Translation Price List
Service Price
1 EUR ~ 67 rub
Proofreading - english 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - arabic 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - bulgarian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - hungarian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - dutch 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - greek 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - dannish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - hebrew 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - Indonesian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - spanish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - italian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - kyrgyz 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - chinese 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - korean 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - lithuanian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - german 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - polish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - portugese 480 rub / pg.
Stylistic editing of the text - russian 240 rub / pg.
Proofreading - slovac 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - slovenian 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - turkish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - Farsi 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - finnish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - french 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - hindi 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - czech 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - swedish 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - japanese 480 rub / pg.
Translation cost includes all taxes

Texts of scientific style can contain not only language information, but also various formulae, symbols, tables, graphs etc. So a translator should know how to use certain means of editing of graphical objects (a set of formulas in Microsoft Word, or text editing, which is placed inside illustrations or diagrams with the Abode Photoshop).

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