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Translation agency will be happy to offer best qualified translators and editors of all major languages. In spite of abundance of languages in the world, only a few languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic and Russian are used in the international negotiations.

We translate the following languages:

English is a leading language. It is used as a tool of international communication. English as an official language in most international forums. Most scientific periodicals are published in English.

German is one of the areas that our agency specializes in. We offer a wide range of translation services.

French translations are very popular in these countries. Russia and France traditionally have strong cultural relations.

Spain is an ancient country wealthy in language and culture, interesting and sometimes contradictory history, cherished traditions and spicy cuisine. There are various related languages in Spain, but it is Castilian Spanish that dominates the business.

Italian is used in all areas of communication, on all levels of education, in mass media in Italy.

Bulgarian as well as Russian is based on the Cyrillic.

Translation Price List
Service Price
Proofreading - bulgarian 480 rub / pg.
Translation : bulgarian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : russian → bulgarian 540 rub / pg.
Interpreting bulgarian ↔ russian 1350 rub / hr.
Translation cost includes all taxes

Czech is one of the Slavic languages, it is related to Slovak. Czech is based on the Latin alphabet.

Serbian and Croatian are used to be unified into one language - Serbo-Croatian. The Serbian alphabet is based on the Cyrillic script (vukovica) whereas Croatian uses the Latin alphabet (gajica). There are two versions of the literary language - Croatian and Serbian ones.

Polish is related to Czech and Slovak. Number of native speakers of Polish takes the second place among the Slavic languages after Russian.

Chinese language is Standard Mandarin, or Standard Chinese, also commonly referred to as Putonghua. Simplified Chinese wrtiting appeared in late 1950-s after the spelling, or character simplification, when complicated components of common hieroglyphs were replaced with simpler shapes, and the total number of components was reduced.

Japanese developed under the great influence of Chinese. There are 214 standard keys in modern Japanese.

Korean has 6 dialects. The modern Korean literary language (pyojunmal) is based on the Seoul dialect; the Pyongyang subdialect is regarded as the standard (munhwao).

Arabic takes own stand in such areas as culture, economy, politics and especially modern mass media.

Turkish is the most spoken language in Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Before the War of Independence the Turkish language was called Ottoman.

Translation price easy to check!

We have examined translation prices in different translation companies in Moscow. None of them will offer such relation between translation quality, speed of translation service and low price.

We appreciate our work but nevertheless strive to gain profit owing not to high surplus but due to quick and accurate performance of many orders. The main advantage of Translation agency in Russia lies in a good combination of low prices and high quality.

If you have request to translate a language not mentioned here, please contact us.

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