Translation and Proofreading Services
Translation and Proofreading Services
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Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Our agency specializes in written translations, and services of desktop publishing of texts, dummies, presentations and web site pages will be regarded just as an attachment to our basic services.

Desktop publishing (DTP) in Russian is formatting of a translated text with taking into account the type of the initial document and the customers requirements. Most often, DTP is performed by the agencys translators themselves, as many of them master means and devices of text formatting.

Desktop publishing is:

  • Creation of the document structure, paragraphs, footnotes, tables, columns, complex text blocks; insertion of illustrations, diagrams, drawings, graphic elements with textual inscriptions.
  • Translation in two columns with original text.
  • Inserting graphical objects, formulas, tables, illustrations, diagrams, drawings, and graphic elements with text in the translation.
  • PDF files translation.

The price of DTP services shall be calculated on basis of availability of the above mentioned items in the document text.

Translation Price List
Service Price, EUR

per page per word
binding with a plastic spring 4 EUR 0.02 EUR
pptx frame layout 1 EUR 0.00 EUR
page layout with tables and diagrams 2 EUR 0.01 EUR
page layout with tables and diagrams 3 EUR 0.01 EUR
Page Layout InDesign 13 EUR 0.05 EUR
fm frame layout 13 EUR 0.05 EUR
page layout with graphic elements 2 EUR 0.01 EUR
text layout in two columns 0 EUR 0.00 EUR
layout of the drawing in pdf, doc 4 EUR 0.02 EUR
inserting a graphic object into the text 1 EUR 0.01 EUR
inserting a small graphic object into the text 1 EUR 0.00 EUR
inserting formulas into translation using Word methods 0 EUR 0.00 EUR
certification of the translation by the stamp 3 EUR 0.01 EUR
File conversion : doc → pdf 0 EUR 0.00 EUR
File conversion : pdf, jpg → doc 2 EUR 0.01 EUR
Manuscript typing (any language) 5 EUR 0.02 EUR
Manuscript typing (any language) 3 EUR 0.01 EUR
Bibliographic list editing 13 EUR 0.05 EUR
Page Layout PDF 0 EUR 0.00 EUR
0 EUR 0.00 EUR
Checking for plagiarism of articles and texts 3 EUR 0.01 EUR
printout of page 0 EUR 0.00 EUR
Discount -0 EUR 0.00 EUR
Translation cost includes all taxes
Translation Price List

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Russia, Moscow,
ul. Bolshaya Molchanovka, 34 bld. 2, of. 25
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