Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
Russia, Moscow,
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Translation Price List
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Translation Services

Please send your docs to our e-mail and indicate your contact data.

We need 10-15 minutes to review the document for translation.

We calculate the cost and time of the translation. Translation price is given for one standard page (1800 characters) of original text.

Translation Price List
Service Price
1 EUR ~ 67 rub
Translation : english → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : arabic → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : hungarian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : dannish → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation : spanish → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : italian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : kazakh → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : chinese → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : german → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : polish → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : serbian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : turkish → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : finnish → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation : french → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : hindi → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : czech → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : japanese → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : slovac → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : slovenian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : swedish → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation cost includes all taxes

Send you a e-mail with information:

  • volume of the original text in standard pages;
  • language pair (original and target languages),
  • number of translators to be involved,
  • information about discount rates, if applicable,
  • total cost of the order,
  • execution time (in working days).

Each order is attributed a unique number and saved in our base in the current orders category. The numbers are introduced for the purpose of simple and identification of orders. In order to save your time, we kindly ask you to remember or write down the number.

We always quote the precise cost of translation before you make a decision, and we do not start the translation until we receive your confirmation.

After you receive the translation cost quote, you can cancel the order with no expense spared. We will be grateful if you you inform our manager of your decision to withdraw you order.

If our offer is accpetable for you and you want us to start translating - please, answer the letter received from our manager, so that your confirmation letter would contain the text of the quote and the number of the order. If necessary, we can conclude a contract for translation services. An annex for the contract is drawn up for each translation order and includes clauses on execution time and cost of the order.

The orders are paid for in advance. Our manager draws up the invoice and sends it to you by e-mail (scanned copy in PDF). You can print it our and forward to your finance office. After the payment is received on our bank account, we start the work on your translation. If no special requirements as to the format of the translation file are made, all translations are edited in Microsoft Word 2003.

The orders can be performed only by an experienced translator who possesses the following features:

  • Erudition and profound knowledge in a specified subject area.
  • Linguistic background and knowledge of both the language of an original text and the target language (into which professional translation has to be made).
  • Experience in the specified professional area.

A translation agency should provide performance of a work for a shorter period of time than one translator. Quality of professional translation should not deteriorate because of a tight schedule. It will be possible by mean of engaging professional editors into the translation process who will make proofreading of the translated text and verify it to the original.

A translation agency should be able to render the complete spectrum of linguistic and associated professional services to a customer, such as desktop publishing of a translation, editing and copywriting of the text, text adaptation for certain purposes, assistance in localization of web sites, etc.

Business of an agency in field of professional activity shall be based on regular relations with customers but not on single orders for translation. This is a common rule for business of any kind, though.

In its work, a professional agency shall use topical glossaries and dictionaries created for each customer. It allows maintaining uniform terminology not only within one certain order but within all the scope of materials translated for one customer.

A translated order (formated and proofread) will be delivered to you by e-mail. Manager will prepare all necessary documents accounting for translation services rendered (contract, schedules, acts and original invoice).

Your evaluation of our work is very important for us, as we put much effort in monitoring the quality of our seriveces. If you have any questions, wishes or claims, we kindly ask you to contact our manager.

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Latest translation:
Legal translation from Russian to English of a contract with a wireless communication and short messages services provider.

Translations in process: 12
Current work load: 61%

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