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Translation Services Contract

The contract text has been repeatedly corrected by our clients, and today we have the translation contract that is the most balanced in terms of responsibilities and duties of both clients and translation executors. In spite of polished conditions of the translation contract, you can make changes to it.

You can get a translation contract template by sending a request in a free form to our manager or by downloading by the reference. Please, ask our managers for the draft of the Translation Services Contract. You can do it by e-mail, attaching the requisites of the company or person that will act as the customer.

When concluding the translation contract, invoices and acts of acceptance for translation services will be automatically referred to this contract.

1. Subject of the Agreement
The Contractor undertakes to render the Customer translation services, including written translation of the Customers documentation into Russian and foreign languages according to pricing schedule stipulated in Addendum to this Agreement.

2. Service Rendering and Settlements Procedure
The Customer shall give the Contractor documentation to be translated and issue a translation service task (hereinafter referred to as the Order). The Order shall include information on the language into which translation is made. The Customer has the right to stipulate requirements to translated document formatting in the Order. Otherwise, translation is formatted by means of MS Word 2003.

After the Order is received, the Contractor shall make calculations of the Order: volume in standard pages, execution terms in business days. Calculations are rounded up to 1 (one) symbol after the comma.

Data on each Order are documented in corresponding Addenda to this Agreement which form an integral part hereof.

The Customer has the right to change content and volume of the Order at any time. In case the Order cost is decreased, only services already rendered shall be paid for.

The Contractor shall start execution of the Order immediately after confirmation of the Order and payment of the bill issued by the Contractor to the Customer for the amount equal to the Order cost.

The Order shall be deemed confirmed upon signature of the Addendum corresponding to the Order by the Parties.

Payment obligation shall be deemed fulfilled after cash inflow to the current account of the Contractor. According to the RF Tax Code, part 2, chapter 26.2, Contractors services are not liable for VAT.

The Customer has the right to make an advance payment (hereinafter referred to as the Deposit) on the ground of the bill issued by the Contractor. In this case the Contractor is obliged to start execution of the Order immediately upon confirmation of the Order. In addition, the Deposit amount is decreased by the cost of the Order. Services are rendered until money funds are completely disbursed. The Deposit may be returned upon written request of the Customer within 3 (three) consecutive days upon receipt of the signed request from the Customer.

The Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with translated documentation in electronic format by electronic mail.

Translated documentation must comply with terminology according to the terminological glossary or specialized vocabulary in case the Customer has given his Glossary before the translation.

The Order shall be deemed executed upon signature of Service Acceptance Act by both Parties.

3. Complaints as to Quality
If the Contractor violates conditions of the Agreement while rendering services, which worsens service quality, in case of well-grounded claims of the Customer the Contractor shall eliminate all defects specified by the Customer within 3 (three) business days upon their receipt from the Customer.

The Contractor does not accept complaints as to quality and remarks relating translated documentation if they are not presented in electronic format, concern stylistics of the translation or mistakes in the source documentation.

4. Liabilities of the Parties
The Parties shall respond in the order stipulated by the law of the Russian Federation.

The Parties are relieved of responsibility for non-fulfillment (improper fulfillment) of their obligations hereunder due to circumstances of insuperable force.

The Party which can not perform its obligations hereunder in the proper way due to circumstances of insuperable force shall immediately (within three consecutive days) notify the other Party. In case of untimely notification of intervention of circumstances of insuperable force the Party which does not fulfil its obligations in the proper manner is deprived of the right to refer to the corresponding circumstances.

5. Duration of the Agreement
The Agreement shall be deemed termless and comes into force from the date of it being signed by authorized representatives of both Parties.

This Agreement may be cancelled by any Party after the Parties fulfil their obligations hereunder as well as in cases and in the procedure stipulated by the law of the Russian Federation.

6. Confidentiality
The Parties admit that all documentation and information received by the Contractor from the Customer hereunder is confidential and shall not be disclosed.

Please, be welcome to request the services of the "Flarus" Translation Agency - we will be happy to offer our best qualified translators and editors of all major languages of the world, as well as all kinds of related linguistic services.

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