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There is very large share of manufacturing industry and construction in the Turkish economy. Therefore, our translation agency periodically receives the orders for translation of different drawings and documentation of production and installation from Turkish language, for example, of the water pipes of PVC. This includes the orders for translation of the patents for inventions: we have translated from Turkish language the patent for a sealing material, wherein the sealing capacity increased by the use of a special laminated material.

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Proofreading - turkish 9 EUR 0.04 EUR
Translation : english → turkish 24 EUR 0.09 EUR
Translation : russian → turkish 11 EUR 0.04 EUR
Translation : turkish → english 17 EUR 0.07 EUR
Translation : turkish → russian 9 EUR 0.04 EUR
Interpreting turkish ↔ russian 39 EUR 0.15 EUR
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The textile and leather industry of Turkey is known around the world: the country ranked 4th in the world in the supply of clothing. The first and foremost, of course, this is the ready-made clothes, but the production of textiles (primarily cotton) and yarn, as well as of the home textiles, synthetic fibers and carpets, is not inferior to it in terms of volume. We translated from Turkish language the huge package of documents for the leading global producer of premium in connection with the opening of another Russian online shopping. These were both presentations and catalogs of the textile industry, and documentation of the personnel policy of deductibles of the shops of men and womens clothing, shoes and accessories.

The experts note the high dynamic of the development of Turkey chemical industry. This is reflected on the orders of our agency: recently we have translated from Turkish to Russian the voluminous text of the study of the work of the petroleum refinery, chemical and petrochemical plants of the country. There are seven plants of chemical fertilizers in Turkey. In addition to these products, Turkey is actively engaged in the export of mineral fuels and oils, plastic and rubber products, household chemicals, as well as pharmaceuticals. The Russian Federation is one of the leading export market of the Turkey chemical industry, so the volume of documents send to us on this subject for translation from the Turkish language is not surprising.

The business relations between Turkey and Russia are established very well. Our countries are actively engaging in all fields of economics and business. In connection with this, of course, there is a need in the translation of legal and financial documents in a pair of Turkish-Russian. The archive of our agency contains thr translations of contracts and agreements (for example, an agreement on the transfer of shares, the contract for subcontracting, etc.), charters, business correspondence. A large part of the translation of legal subject accountes for direction "from Russian to Turkish".

It is worth noting separately that we do literary translation from Turkish into Russian and vice versa. The turkish literature nowadays occupies a special place of the world literature. Thanks in no small part to Orhan Pamuk, the modern Turkish writer who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006. His works have been translated into 50 languages. An important feature of Turkish literature is, on one side, the geographical proximity to Europe, and, on the other side, the genetic identity of the country to the Islamic cultural tradition. This original dichotomy has a a powerful influence on Turkish literature in particular, and Turkish culture as a whole.

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Legal translation from Russian to English of a contract with a wireless communication and short messages services provider.

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