Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
Russia, Moscow,
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Spanish to Russian Translation

Shown rates are per one standard page of text in Spanish. To calculate the price of translation from Spanish into Russian or other foreign language you can use an online calculator.

Translation Price List
Service Price
1 EUR ~ 67 rub
Proofreading - spanish 480 rub / pg.
Translation : english → spanish 1200 rub / pg.
Translation : english → portugese 1200 rub / pg.
Translation : spanish → english 1200 rub / pg.
Translation : spanish → korean 1200 rub / pg.
Translation : spanish → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : catalan → spanish 450 rub / pg.
Translation : russian → spanish 540 rub / pg.
Stylistic editing of the text : spanish 480 rub / pg.
Interpreting english ↔ russian ↔ spanish 2700 rub / hr.
Interpreting spanish ↔ russian 2700 rub / hr.
Translation cost includes all taxes
Translation Price List

Translations from Spanish are the third most popular direction in our translation agency. Official Spanish is called "Castilian". Because other languages of Spain (Catalan, Galician, Basque, Asturian, and Aragonese) are also referred to as "Spanish", it determines the diversity of the Spanish translation.

Problem of the unity of the Spanish language has a significant impact on the work of translators from Spanish. Diverse forms of the Spanish language have significant differences in phonetics, grammar and vocabulary.

In our translation agency we have highly qualified translators from Spanish and can therefore offer services in translation of texts on almost any subject. In addition to our main areas of work, namely, translations from Spanish to Russian, we offer services of native Spanish speakers in the area of editing and proofreading texts in Spanish, adapting promotional materials for Spanish speaking audiences (Spain and Latin America).

Our translators, who are native Spanish speakers, can perform direct translation from Spanish into English, French, and Portuguese, without translation to Russian.

Translations from Spanish to Russian include artistic and literary works, advertising materials, presentations and technical instructions. For one of the famous Russian car manufacturers we have translated technical documentation to give to the autoclave in Spain so that they could organise moulding of plastic parts. In our translation agency we translated many texts from Spanish.

Latest translation:
Translation from Russian to English of a purchase and supply contract for spare auto parts.

Translations in process: 39
Current work load: 53%

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ul. Bolshaya Molchanovka, 34 bld. 2, of. 25
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