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Entry of a company into the Russian market

The growing Russian market is becoming very attractive for worldwide business and international companies. In an age of increasing globalization, many of these companies have done their best to carve out a proper niche on the Russian market, but a number of them fail to find ways to launch their business, while others underestimate the complications they can encounter in Russia. All such companies are potential clients for translation agencies.

Western companies can enter the Russian market only by working in close cooperation with Russian translation agencies which are able to provide such services as full and competent translation of all legal documentation (constituent documents, contracts, licenses, certificates), financial documentation (balance sheets, auditing reports), technical documentation (manuals, descriptions, technologies, regulations) into Russian. Last but not the least, we recommend translating such information as web-site content into Russian.

Russia is a developing country; the Russian market remains fairly unsaturated and open for selling all kinds of product. Any company trying to popularize its own brand and launch its products in Russia can either meet with success (e.g. the well-known sales brand Auchan Holding, which has been our partner for several years) or suffer great losses (e.g. Ikea, which only got into the market on the second attempt, or the French Carrefour Network, which had to terminate its business in Russia).

Understanding of such specific factors as consumer behavior and the particular mentality of Russia`s multifaceted population is really key to successful business in Russia. It`s huge territory can cause businesses to suffer logistical complications and excess expenditures. Recommendations from experienced advisers can assist clients to make proper decisions, and close cooperation with a skillful translation agency makes it possible to remedy any product localization difficulties.

We recommend you look through the agencys service prices to gain an insight into expected translation charges. Nowadays, translation rates in Russia are 2-3 times lower than similar rates in Europe and the USA. Those companies that employ services from a translation agency can significantly cut down their budget losses.

Our agency cooperates with experienced legal translators, skilled in matters of Russian juridical and tax laws, who take an active part in multiple projects, including corporate legal analysis, taxation optimization, business crediting, and adjustment of affiliated persons relations.

Flarus Translation Agency has proved itself to be an effective company, combining an optimal number of translators with low translation price quotes.

If you have any questions regarding the situation on the Russian market, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our highly qualified personnel is skilled in Russian, English, German, French, and Spanish, and they will give you every support at the highest level.

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Translation from Russian to English of the following financial documents: bookkeeping balance sheet, profit and loss statement, tax return.

Translations in process: 116
Current work load: 25%

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