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Marketing & Advertising Translation

More and more foreign goods enter our market along with imported advertising. To provide successful sales, products or services should have attractive names and catchy slogans, visually pleasing web-sites and bright brochures. And all of this must be translated into good Russian language in such a way that efforts of manufacturers, marketers and copywriters would not be wasted.

In our translation agency we regularly translate marketing and advertising texts, presentations and texts for websites. The web-site translation is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of advertising and attracting foreign partners and clients. Experience of regular cooperation with companies from different buisness areas allows to analyze requests and needs in translating of advertising texts, resulting in optimizing our work and provides selection of professional translators, without increasing the translation quote.

On the other hand, our translation agency does not face translations of advertising campaigns, except TV movies. Internet advertising remains the lot of of advertising agencies which translate search phrases and select word forms in Russian, English, Spanish, Franch, German, Italian or any other foreign language by their own efforts. It is possible that for these purposes are involved professional translators who are native speakers.

So what happend, when clients became self-refer to the professional translation services and ordering contextual advertising translation, search requests and services of native translators for selection semantic requests core of advertising campaign by specified criteria for describe service or product?

The service for translation of contextual advertising includes:

1. Selection of search phrases in Russian
Gathering information about phrases in Russian which characterize the clients buisness. By request we can specify phrases, select negative keywords that block shows of contextual announcements. The result is a list of word forms (phrases) in Russian which able to use for buying contextual advertising in Russian Internet and a list of negative keywords which show announcements is not recommended.

2. Translating of search phrases.
Every translated phrase is validated in context of clients buisness and supplemented by commentary of the translator English speaker. The translator has to offer more actual phrase that more precisely characterizes product, service or clients business.

3. Configure of advertising campaigns and recommendations
This is an optional step for which we dont take money from the client. The case is that many phrases in the translation from Russian, for example, to English, losing its initial meaning or use with other frequency in users search queries. This can lead to the fact that announcements will show the non-targeted audience or not at all. Also possible to exceed the planned advertising budget, if translated into Russian phrase would be much more popular of its original counterpart. In these cases, we make recommendations for client, who has the right to use them to create and configure of advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct and Google Adwords systems.

We can help in setting up of campaigns in described above systems. For that end, we need to get data about location targeting (where announcements are displayed) and timings. We recommend the client and agree with him less important parameters of advertisement campaings and adjust them. The result will be fully operational announcments groups in context advertising networks, containing translated text announcements, search phrases and negative keywords. After adding advertising campaing, announcements will appear on shedule.

Latest translation:
Technical translation from Russian to English of a manual for a digital video recorder.

Translations in process: 90
Current work load: 67%

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