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Legal & Notary translation

If we analyze the situation with legal translations, we will find that it is opposite to the one existing in the domain of technical translation. In the latter, the progress is made from technical training towards linguistics. By way of contrast, those with a degree in linguistics develop with time into decent lawyers, a great number of them getting a second university degree in law.

Notary translation

Let us determine on the spot that translation of the text of a book, manual, equipment description or technical documents shall be referred by us as "translation". However, translation of a passport, birth certificate, diploma, work record book or attestation shall require verification of the translators signature by a Notary Public; such translation is referred to as "notarial translation" by us. Our agency is not engaged into translation of personal documents. The working process of notarial translation agencies differs quite distinctly from that of translation agencies involved into translation of multi-page technical texts.

Legal translation

By legal translation we mean translating contracts, legal and official documents. The generally accepted layout is a two-column format, with one column taken up by the original text and the other by the translated variant. Both variants are brought together in a table; each paragraph is aligned height.

The official style is mostly used in the domains of law and administration: legislation, finance, documentation, and jurisprudence. Contracts, agreements, applications, acts, certificates, claims and receipts all belong here. Both general and special aspects of translation can be traced in the process of translating legal texts. Language possession, knowledge of the legal framework and cultural particularities can be listed among generalities.

A translator, to a greater extent than his colleagues in other spheres, should bear in mind that legal terminology tends to express abstract notions and reflects cultural and legal norms of the language. These norms differ in Russia and in most countries, so the task of unifying legal terminology is next to impossible.

A professional translator is often capable of not only providing translation services of the highest quality, but of giving a sound and detailed legal advice on Contract, Judicial and other branches of law, depending on the topic. Translators with degrees in both law and linguistics work for our company. They will carry out for you a quick, high-quality translation of a contract, or other legal document. We have an extensive experience in translating contracts, and we guarantee translation services to a highest professional standard.

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Translation from Russian to English of a material safety data sheet. Recommendations for material inspection. Personnel protection.

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