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Technical Translations

In fact, half of all texts that our agency deals with may refer to the sphere of Technical Translation. So, where does the scope of technical translator specialization begin? How people become technical translators? When should the translation of a technical text be performed not by a translator that only knows the language, but by a specialist? What is the most important in the profession of technical translator: language or knowledge of technology?

There are no technical translators that absolutely dont know any sphere. However, being an intermediate party in the sphere of professional translation services, we are interested only in those translators, who have versatile and quite deep knowledge of technical spheres of translation. First of all, we have organized a team of technical translators in electrical engineering.

The technical translation is the primary specialty of our translation agency. We have translated over 15.000 projects in the field of mechanical engineering, aviation, geology, medicine, chemistry, logistics, and construction. There are about thousands of pages of the technical texts. The translation of the manuals and users guides, mounting guidelines, equipment dimensioning and repair guidelines we refer to the technical texts. As a rule, the technical translation clients are the commercial companies, whereas scientists, institutes and scientific centers request the scientific translation of the articles, patents, thesis papers, presentations, study guides, educational, technical and scientific books.

Since 2000s devices, equipment, machines, supplied with instructions in English, German, Spanish and Italian languages, have begun to arrive to Russia. Each language, except English, was in charge of its own sphere of technical translation.

For example, technical translator of Italian language was translating instructions to food machinery. Texts of descriptions in Spanish or French language often referred to agricultural sector, market of cosmetic preparation and equipment for medical facilities. German language was competing with Spanish, concerning the last mentioned area of technical translation. German language technical translator was primarily engaged in translation of texts in service, adjustment and installation of engineering equipment.

Our translation agency has long partnership with a major Russian distributor of the leading global safeguard systems equipment producers. We have already performed translations of digital car DVR manuals, portable digital video recorders manuals, program documentation for CCTV control software, telemetry system control etc. The Audio, video, hi-fi equipment subject refers to our Technical translations category.

Nowadays technical text translator is a diversified specialist, having a considerable experience of translation practice. Since then technical translator faces different texts, document formats, requirements to layout of illustrations in technical texts and, the most important, different terminology. The thing is, only the specialist, who has practical work experience at industrial enterprises, may be called a technical translator. We involve into work only experienced technical translators, who are often engineers in fact. Every sphere of technical translation has its own specific terminology. There are often same or similar meanings, denoted in the dictionary, and only a professional translator is able to use the right term in question.

The technical translation is the sphere of professional translators, engineers, copy editors, and technical experts. The texts of the scientific and technical content are distinguished by their functional complexity. They are rich in participle clauses, infinitive clauses, and gerundial clauses, as well as some other purely bookish constructions which aggravate the translation and present a translator with additional tasks. The technical texts are distinguished by their ruptured structure in the context of language: a lot of pictures, figures, illustrations, tables, and lists. The technical translation is the complex and interesting work. It requires the translator to have knowledge, high qualification and experience in particular scientific and technical sphere.

Technical translators are very professional people, who have adopted all the best that the Soviet upbringing gave, people, who have kept the advantages of the Russian and Soviet industrial and engineering school. Only the specialist, who has combined the knowledge of language and technology, can become a technical translator.

Technical translator job

Due to some objective reasons, some of technical translators leave our agency. In order to compensate the shortage of specialists, we have developed the project that allows hiring technical translators much more effectively, than it happens at the translations market.

This project contains thousands of technical translators portfolio in different languages. With some reserves, the agency editor can define search to find a technical translator according to the necessary criteria.

Flarus offers translation services of wide variety of themes. We exert every effort to translate your technical text to a high professional standard. You do not have to worry about delay in terms and poor quality translation if you work with the technical translation agency. We certainly conclude the text translation agreement for all the major projects. The execution period and the price of the technical translation are clearly spelled out in this agreement.

Make a technical translation enquiry to a manager of Flarus, one of the leading Moscow translation companies.

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