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Landing page translation into Russian language

Landing is a one page site, which main task is to motivate users to buy. It is very convenient to monitor the contextual advertising effectiveness using landing pages "tailored" to a particular product or service.

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Landings appeared quite a long time ago, but the companies began to use them most actively only in the last 3-4 years. The fact is that the algorithms of search engines practically ceased to focus on the content of the site in search results then, and the optimization of the site’s texts became meaningless. The search algorithm has changed many times, but the principle direction of its development has remained unchanged: it doesn’t matter what texts you write on your site, however, if visitors like your content, this is a sufficient reason to consider the site useful.

The basis of search engine algorithms, and then SEO-optimizers ("grinders") of sites for specific topics and queries were formed by the behavioral factors of site visitors. After some time, this resulted in a movement called landing.

Creation and optimization of a full-fledged website are expensive, while creating a page on the Internet and promoting it using search advertising and contextual ads will be substantially cheaper.

We will help to translate the landing page into English, Russian or another language in order to evaluate foreign traffic got from advertising. If the result encourages you to create landing pages in other languages or gives an inspiration to translate the entire site texts, we will offer the services of several translators to reduce the time of translation.

How much does it cost to translate a landing page into English?

In most cases, the cost of a landing site texts translating does not differ from a written translation cost. The basic price list for translation services can be downloaded at this link.

If the landing page texts are changed, it will not require the second entire site translation. You just have to send us the modified text, and in the review mode we will see all the changes and update the translation. It goes without saying that it will save your money, but also implies that the update will be performed by the same translator who made the original translation and is already aware of the topic.

Latest translation:
Technical translation from Russian to English of a manual for a digital video recorder.

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