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Translated into Russian Web-site Promotion

Flarus agency has got a great experience of making and managing of advertizing campaigns based on two main search engines: Yandex, the main Russian search engine in Russia and Google - search in English, Russian and other world languages. It has smaller audience in Russia, but it is beyond competition in the remaining countries.

SEO and site promotion in Russian is a rather difficult task for a foreign professional and the problem is not in the language barrier and knowledge of Russian. Non-linguistic profiles become the key factors of the site promotion. Lets dwell on such a popular process in the search promotion (SEO-promotion) as matching of users search queries for the PPC-advertising.

Search engine optimization pays attention not to the exact translation and conveying the meaning of the site context content, but to phrases and words that express site users interest.

It is obvious that an emerging market yet does not offer fixed phrases and collocations which show services it offers. Translators have to invent phrases in Russian, while marketologists have to check in the Internet the efficiency of the phrases describing the given service from the point of view of the final user.

Internet promotion of a web-site in Russian means the site advertizing based on the site specific features and theme, search queries, local linguistic special features. These measures are aimed to make the further site indexation by search engines more successful.

Besides a linguistic support of a web-site, we can offer you following in various foreign languages of advertizing campaigns of your site in the Internet.

Web-site promotion means dealing with the key site words in foreign languages, arranging and ads work management in AdWords system, selection of key words, affiliate site search. The service price depends on Clients goals and is personalized for each project.

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