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The Russian-language version of the website promotion

During the crisis the revenues of many companies start to decline sharply. This forces the management to take some unpopular measures, such as staff reduction, wage delays, raising cost of operation to compensate the losses. The prudent approach however can allow avoiding this. One way to increase the efficiency of business is to translate the website into Russian, promoting it in Russia-related Internet (Runet).

The Russian-language version of the website will help to attract new audiences with potential and new customers among them. With regard to the market, it should be noted that each new foreign language version of the website expands the geography of customers. With a site translated in Russian any company is permitted to enter new markets, to get clients in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.

Of course, in order to promote the site in Russian, it should be accurately translated to be readable for native Russian-speakers. Professional translators from our translation agency are here to help. There are linguists among them, who have mastered the Russian language perfectly, while being informants of Serbian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, German, Chinese and Russian as well.

In addition to high quality, the whole content of the site should meet the requirements of uniqueness, information value and selling power. Uniqueness is understood as singularity of the content never published previously in other sources. Information value of the texts designates the high quality of the content, and selling power reflects the promotional property of the text with unobtrusive and inviting message.

Website promotion in Russian are essential for those companies, which suffer from the crisis in full. Impairment of the Russian ruble had led to declining revenues of many Russian and foreign companies, but developing new markets will allow to earn incomes not only without budgetary reduction, but possibly with foreign exchange gain as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a result of our regular work with Russian and English websites and their subsequent linguistic support we started providing a search engine optimization service for websites translated into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and even Chinese.

In the Internet search optimization has acquired some distinct criteria which can serve as the landmarks both for a customer and performer. The abbreviation SEO, deriving from the English term Search Engine Optimization, has taken its roots into the Russian language and formed, in its turn, a new occupation SEO Person.

The professional translator can use a list of words and phrases prepared by the SEO person to write the very headlines which will get the maximum clicks in the process of searching. However, let us remind you that search engine optimization is not the translators task. The translator can use the list of words and phrases, although his main task is to do a good translation.

Flarus translation agency has been an active participant of the Russian translations market for more than 11 years. Our major strength is the combination of attractive prices with constantly high translations quality.

We hope you will find it acceptable for your company.

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