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Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
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The Railway Sector Translations

We at Flarus translation agency have translated, into Russian, an article on railway traffic control in Great Britain and general requirements to mechanical locking and sealing devices for attaching seals to freight railway cars; also, we have translated, into English, special technical requirements for design, construction, and operation of a high-speed long-distance passenger railway. Especially noteworthy is our translation, into Finnish, of a booklet on an auto-rack car usable both by individuals (i.e. tourists) and by car importer companies.

Flarus agency often receives orders for translating documents, which are connected, in one way or other, with railway service and the railroad carrying of goods and passengers.

There is a considerable portion of railway tickets among various receipts and pay-slips from business trips that we translate at Flarus translation agency. Translations of railway tickets into Russian are needed to provide travel expense reports to the Accountants.

Railway modeling is a separate topic. We have translated a project dedicated to modeling and its use in teaching. Railroad models are installed in orphanages, kindergartens, and schools, so that children should have an opportunity to visually get certain knowledge (e.g. in such spheres as fundamentals of safe living, traffic management, types of railway trains, etc.).

Latest translation:
Translation from Russian to English of a purchase and supply contract for spare auto parts.

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