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Translation cost estimation

The cost of translation in the Flarus translation agency is calculated by source document (original text) for all translation pairs, except for all oriental languages that utilize hieroglyphs (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) and languages that are hard to count correctly (Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic). Depending on the translation type, different methods of evaluation are applied.

Below you can find the basic principles employed by "Flarus" managers for calculating the cost of translation.

  • The calculation of translation cost is performed before starting the translation.
  • The translation cost is not related to the subject of the text, with exception of several particularly hard subjects (medicine, patents, chemistry, biology, and advertising).
  • While calculating the price of translation, we base our estimation on the assumption, that usual translator can translate six standard pages a day.
  • We use a uniform price list to calculate the cost of the translation. Discounts, surcharges, bonuses for current special offers are considered and applied on an individual basis for every order.
  • Once the translation cost has been agreed on, it cannot be changed in the course of translation.

Example of translation cost evaluation

Source document format Ц Word or PDF. For instance, the volume of the source text is 38000 characters, to be translated from English into Russian. No make-up required and no graphic elements are inserted.

First, the number of standard pages is determined, in this case 21. According to price list, English to Russian translations go for 390 RUB per page. Total cost of translation will amount to 8190 RUB. The translation deadline is calculated by assuming that a single translator can handle six standard pages a day. However, if the translation is needed urgently, it is possible to expedite the translation process by employing a group of specialists who work in the same translation style. For our example, the optimal timeframe for completing the translation is four days.

Please contact the agency manager to get advice and accurate calculation of the cost of paid translation of your text. We recommend that you send us the text by e-mail for familiarization. In this case, the manager will take into account all the criteria of complexity of the translation and calculate the cost within 15 minutes.

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