Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
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Standard translation page

The translation market features several definitions of the standard page: 1000, 1668, 1680, 1700, and 1800. There can be a variety of reasons behind it from dividing a signature (40000 characters) by approximate number of pages in it (22), to completely exploitative reasons. The less characters there are in the page, the more client has to pay for translation of the very same text.

The Russian translation agency utilizes the 1800 characters as standard page for calculating the cost of translation. Standard page is used to determine the amount of text that needs to be translated, total cost of the translation, and amount of time required to perform the translation. You can see an example of the standard page in the .doc format.

This approach is highly beneficial for our clients and allows saving up to 5% of translation cost, which is also a discount in its own way.

Generally, a standard page can house about 235 words in Russian. As an example, we can provide data on how the volume of the standard page grows when translated to different languages.

Volume in Russian Language Translation Changes, %
signs words signs words
1840,2 220 English 1826 276,6 1,5%
1804,5 261,5 Spanish 1926 385,5 7,0%
1805 222,5 German 1872 225,5 4,0%
1826 254 French 2171 351 20,6%

Text volume in Russian Target language of translation from Russian Volume of the target text Change in the text volume during translation. One standard page in Chinese (created by translating 1800 characters of Russian text) contains up to 220 hieroglyphs for fiction texts and up to 450 for financial or legal documents.

The ratio is derived by calculating the mean value from three texts typical for each language: technical translation, legal translation and medical translation. The amount of words in standard 1800 character page in different languages:

Language Amount of words
English 273
Spanish 320
German 217
French 291

You can get more details on the volume of your text and its translation cost by contacting the manager of our translation agency by sending the source document via email.

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Moscow, Russia
ul. Bolshaya Molchanovka, 34 bld. 2, of. 25
+7 495 504-71-35 from 9.30 till 17.30 | Contacts