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Translation and Proofreading Services
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Our agency includes experts of different profile. The order for translation to professionals means the risks reducing of a delay of the translation and time minimizing for possible corrections in the translated text.

Tools, which the agency manager uses to estimate the translation cost: determinant of the text language, automatic calculation for the number of words in the text and the form for calculation of the translation cost. Process of cost estimation in our agency is carried out prior to work. It is very important point for customers of the translation, which allows to plan the budget allocated by the company of the customer for translation services more precisely.

Estimation of the translation cost begins with the order analysis, i.e. all files entering the order. The format of files, type of the document and existence of graphic objects, schemes, tables and drawings in the source text, which are required to be reproduced in translation are important.

The text subject is estimated further. Narrow subject specialization demands the editor of agency to select the translator carefully who will be able to translate the text qualitatively. Subjects in a total amount of works are not equivalent. Some, such as technical translation, meet more often than others do. Throughout a long time, the translation agency cooperates with translators practically in all subjects.

When the subject of the text is defined and the translator is chosen, the term of delivery of the ready translation have to be coordinated with the customer.

For the estimation of translation cost, the agency manager uses auxiliary tools: determinant of number of words and symbols in the text and a form of estimation of cost of the order. Knowing the language of the source text, text volume in words or symbols, we can pass to the estimation of the translation cost. For this purpose, we suggest to use the form developed by our translation agency for potential customers.

As reference values for the correct estimation of the translation cost it is necessary to know the volume of the text and language of the initial document. Having set these parameters in the shape for estimation of the translation cost and having specified language into which it is required to translate the text, the customer will be able to learn the exact cost and term of the order implementation easily. The form for estimation of the translation cost is on the each page of our site.

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