Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
Translation Agency, Moscow, Russia
Russia, Moscow,
ul. Bolshaya Molchanovka, 34 bld. 2, of. 25
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Translation agency Flarus always aspired to succeed as a company providing professional language services. Translations are our bread and all our ambitions are aimed primarily at further improving our skills and capabilities in this area. Below are the new projects of our translation agency. Our translation agency leads the news column about the life and work of translators, publishes articles about translations, about the work of our translation agency, and the translation business in Russia and around the world.

Work for freelance translator

Translators jobs - is a very popular project, dedicated to finding translators. Jobs and vacancies of the translation agency for translators, linguists, and editors. About the work as a freelance translator in the translation agency. We regularly use the profiles data for the selection of the relevant translator.

Translation agency terminology glossaries

An impressive project that contains more than 700 thousand terms in 15 languages. We use specialized glossaries which are filled by our translators on a regular basis and contain the vocabulary typical for your company activity.

Automatic language identifier

The algorithm of identifying the language in the text that we developed is based on a consistent comparison of the database of letters and words and combinations of words that are specific to a foreign language that relates to the corresponding fragments of the loaded text.

Multilingual phrasebook

Many of our translators participated in this project, and we are pleased to present it for the review and discussion. If you like the phrase book, you can recommend it to your friends, post in your blog or send to your colleagues. We are confident that this little helper will be very useful at the right time.

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Moscow, Russia
ul. Bolshaya Molchanovka, 34 bld. 2, of. 25
+7 495 504-71-35 from 9.30 till 17.30 | Contacts