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Sports translations

If you need a sports translation, you are welcome in our agency. We will place your order with a translator, experienced in working with the subject of your text. What do we mean by sports translations?

First, we talk about sportscasters activities. Interpretation and information exchange between sportsmen, coaches and journalists are important as well. In that case, we are dealing with a single-discipline interpretation, depending on the mission and format of the event. Yet for a translation agency, the main sphere of interest remains in the field of sports texts, articles, news, prospects and catalogues translations.

In our agency, you can often find translations about sports goods, which require several specializations at the same time, such as advertisement, textile and sport. Not every professional sports translator is familiar with terminology and some are just far from being a sportsman or a sports fan. Over the past year sports translations turned to play a significant part in our activities and reached impressive volumes.

Sports slang and translation

Sport has always been an integral part of different cultures and nations. Global sports events cannot go without translators from English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and other languages. Each sport has its own terms and definitions. You could call them "sports slang", because they got so deep into sportsmen and coaches common use that just turned into professional lexicon.

Really, what could possibly the word "brake" mean, relating to boxing, diving or cycling. Just imagine a sports translation, produced without considering not only the context but also industry lexicon. Our translators, however, apply their own vast experience as well as sports glossaries, available at common usage in the agency.

Our sports translations experience also includes a book "Open Water Diver", which is a basic training course for divers. Sadly, we are not aware of its future, because the customer did not reveal his plans for the book, yet we hope that thousands of beginner divers read themselves into our translations before practicing. Recently we completed a translation of a sports good catalogue from English, which main part was about snowboards and alpine skiing. Our latest technical translations include an installation and operation manual for a ping-pong table from a German sports company.

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