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Translation for medical centers and hospitals

Medical translations is one of the most difficult fields of the translation services. Medical translations rates can be higher than common translations rates.

Translation Price List
Service Price
1 EUR ~ 67 rub
Proofreading - english (UK) 480 rub / pg.
Proofreading - english (US) 480 rub / pg.
Translation : english → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : arabic → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : bulgarian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : hungarian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : dutch → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation : dannish → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation : hebrew → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : spanish → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : italian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : kazakh → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : chinese → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : latvian → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation : lithuanian → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation : german → english 1200 rub / pg.
Translation : german → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : polish → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : portugese → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation : romanian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : serbian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : turkish → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : Farsi → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : finnish → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation : french → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : hindi → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : croatian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : czech → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : estonian → russian 660 rub / pg.
Translation : japanese → russian 780 rub / pg.
Translation : slovac → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : slovenian → russian 450 rub / pg.
Translation : swedish → russian 660 rub / pg.
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Translation Price List

The translation of medical texts is characterized by some constant features that define its complexity. Firstly, medical translation is a specialized text. Themes of medical documents can differ so that a physician in one field, for instance, cardiology, cannot understand a joint specialist or a skin disease specialist.

Secondly, as it was already said, there are a few physician-translators in the sphere of our professional activity. In addition to that it is necessary to have one specialist for each theme. The third complexity connected with medical translations is their diversity. All orders for medical translation can be divided into the following groups:

Translation of drug instructions, translation of annotations

This type of translations is widespread in our translation agency. New drugs constantly appear in the world and it takes a while for them to enter directly the Russian market. The production of drugs in the western countries, especially in Germany, Switzerland, the USA, etc. is very developed, therefore the translation of drug instructions from English, German or French is often required. One of the peculiar types of translation is a translation of annotations of nonconventional medicine drugs from Chinese.

We have almost forgotten about biologically active food additives (BAA) and vitamins translations now, although until quite recently package inserts and descriptions for biologically active additives, vitamin complexes as well as nutrition plans covered a significant part of our orders. And now, we can witness a flurry of activity again in this market.

We must admit, that translations for food ingredients industry can be challenging. In fact, they are like medical translations on a wide variety of topics. In most cases, these translations were about researches, lab tests, business plans for production and distribution of some medications. Lost of those translations also included the overview of macroeconomic situation in Russia, the export-import structure for food additives, and the analysis of the main consuming branches. Based on our translations, the market players coordinated their further steps of company`s development with headquarters, which was usually located abroad. The level of competition in translations for food industry in whole and for food additives particularly was off the scale.

But soon after a number of laws, which restricted distribution and sale of BAAs, a recession followed. Nevertheless, manufacturers gain momentum again after the implementation of the law, that makes BAA a subject to obligatory certification and declares them as medicinal drugs, which implies the limitation of sales points. Our translation agency "Flarus" has been cooperating with several BAA manufacturers from Russia, Bulgaria and USA for over 7 years. The BAA market saturated from 2000 up to 2009, when the sales collapse happened and the production decline followed. The segment of translation business, focused on the needs of BAA manufacturers and distributors, grew along the market of medical, pseudo-medical drugs as well as multiple health supplements and, as the BAA manufacturers call them, products for the "improving quality of life (QOL) for people".

There is one specific feature in current demand, which is quite remarkable. It`s the reorientation of demand from pills, capsules, pellets and all that "medicine" stuff to phyto-drinks, syrups, make-up, creams, balms, enriched salt and so on.

Translations of documentation for medical equipment, instructions

This type of medical translations is, as a rule, closely connected with technical translations that are the main line of activity of the translation agency Flarus. The translation of instructions for medical equipment quite often demand more technical than medical knowledge. We have gathered huge experience in that sphere since 1999.

Translation for medical centers and hospitals

In Germany there are a lot of specialized medical centers and hospitals: for patients undergone orthopedic surgery or musculoskeletal patients; cardiovascular centers for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases; eye clinics involved in the treatment of ophthalmic diseases, etc. They are located in different regions of Germany, where geography (climate, proximity to the sea and mountains, mineral springs, etc.) often plays an important role in the patient rehabilitation.

German hospitals have got interested in the attracting patients from Russia. For this purpose, they conclude cooperation agreements with travel agencies in Russia thus becoming regular clients of Russian translation agencies. Translation of presentations, brochures, catalogs from German into Russian is the first step in the cooperation between medical centers and translation agency.

Hospitals translate marketing materials from German, adapt advertising in Russian, and translate their web-sites from German into Russian. Such health centers and resorts need to express themselves in Russian Internet, because Russians appreciate German medicine and, when needed and possible, prefer entrusting their health exactly to the German doctors. Proofreading performed by a health-professional translator is a key to success for clinics, and many of them turn to professional translation agencies.

Recently, representatives of several specialized clinics in Germany have turned concurrently to our translation agency. In addition to the adaptation of hospital web-sites, our agency is involved in general and specialized medical translation: diagnoses, references, and final conclusions issued to Russian patients in German health centers are translated from German into Russian.

Many German hospitals have Russian doctors, so there are no language barriers when dealing with patients from Russia. However, diagnoses and medical reports are often written in German. To continue the treatment in Russia, medical texts should be translated into Russian from German. That is what caused the increase in demand for medical translation from German into Russian.

Map of hospital location, basic sightseeing attractions of nearby cities, photo images of hospital and its rooms Ц all this helps Russians to form an opinion about a German clinic, if they can read the description of hospital, provided medical and other services, and prices in Russian.

Translation of texts about medicine, articles, scientific works

It is one of those fields that demands the narrowest specialization of the medical translator. It is not so easy to find good translators in all fields of medicine. In our translation agency there are medical translators who, in case of an extremely specific order, are capable to penetrate into the theme and make a high-quality translation in some days.

Translation of diagnoses, medical certificates, translation of prescriptions

The last group of translations is most numerous for orders. The translation of medical certificates and diagnoses are required when a person goes abroad for treatment or has undergone a course of treatment abroad. Such documents are often handwritten (generally it is documents from Russia) and it makes difficult to recognize a doctor`s handwriting.

We hope that our translations will help you with receiving new knowledge in the field of medicine, and also with treatment and improvement of your health. We always remember a special confidentiality of medical translations and appreciate that you trust us with your delicate and difficult problems.

Latest translation:
Technical translation from Russian to English of a manual for a digital video recorder.

Translations in process: 39
Current work load: 53%

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