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Billing and Payment for translation services

Translation into category of services, which scope could change in the course of work.

In our previous experience, we encountered different cases, caused by client canceling the order, changes or improvements to the original text, changes to the delivery deadline, etc. Hence, we took the time to write this article for our potential customers to explain the general method of billing employed by translation agencies and provide some vivid examples.

Generally, the method of billing for translation is extremely simple. Payment for translation is made on the basis of bills sent to the client after reaching an agreement on all translation services applied to each order. To do this, the client has to just send us a text for translation and, in some cases, define the task if there are any specifics to the text, or it requires make-up, or has special requirements applied to the translation.

Manager, having received the text, will evaluate it according to our price list, consider all special offers and discounts and then send a letter that includes the full cost of the order and our offer. Arrangement of the order conditions is conducted by phone or email. The manager responds to emails within 15 minutes.

Having obtained the consent of the customer, the manager will form the invoice based on provided billing data and move the order to the Payment Pending folder. You can pay for our services by any of the methods below.

The easiest way is to pay for the translation is the non-cash payment directly to our account or receipt. The invoice for the amount of the order is sent to the client in digital form as a PDF document containing the scanned image of the account with signature and seal of the Translation Bureau. You can print it out and send to the Accounting Department for payment or simply forward it to the Financial Department by email. When the translation is complete, a full package of financial documents will be compiled and mailed to client, including the translation services contract, application to the contract with order details, and delivery and acceptance act.

Our CRM system can issue invoices with detailed list of services. On your request we can email reconciliation statements, so that your Financial Department could monitor all the outgoing payments, received orders, and corresponding acts. Reconciliation statements are prepared by manager. Statements feature order numbers, their names, the name of the customer ( in case there are several persons in the company who handle the contacts with the translation bureau), as well as data on all payments, including those made in error.

For our regular clients we apply individual payment schedule: payment for translation services per week, month, quarter; postpay billing of translation services when reaching a certain amount of debt; advance payment for translations.

We prepare all closing documents on the day of delivery of the order, to avoid possible inconsistencies in acts of service and services actually rendered, because some services may be canceled or changed by the client after the order is placed.

Acts of translation orders are sent by Post within 3 days from the moment of their drafting. We understand that acts may take a long time to reach the addressee when sent by regular mail, but the delivery can only be expedited by the courier service. We cannot include this service into the price of the translation page, so we offer it separately instead. We have worked out a compromise with some of our regular customers, and now they get acts for all orders delivered by courier once a month at our expense.

Payment for translation from a non-resident of Russian Federation

In cases of payment for our services from abroad (Singapore, Taiwan, US, Germany, Austria, Netherlands etc.) billing document should feature the VO code in the payment reference field. To pay for the translation services of our agency you should put the {VO20100} code at the beginning of the line. It means that a non-resident provides a resident with a commercial loan as an advance payment for the translation services.

For private customers it is most convenient to pay for the translation services via any commercial bank or online payment system that our bureau works with.

We can also offer you to pay for translation services by using the receipt that our manager will fill out and email to you. It can be simply printed out and payed for in the bank.

As for the payment systems, we work with Paypal, Yandex.Money and Qiwi. For smaller orders it is also possible to use microtransactions service to the cell phone account.

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Translation from Russian to English of the following financial documents: bookkeeping balance sheet, profit and loss statement, tax return.

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