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Literary translation holds a special place in translation studies. It covers journalism, reviews, epistolary works and common letters, speeches, TV and radio programs texts and many other fields.

When it comes to literature, translator`s work is akin to authors work. A translator should follow the original text and choose the translation equivalents very carefully in order to keep the rhythm and style of the source. He also should convey the content, artistic and emotional significance of the original text very thorough, so that the translation would affect the reader in the same way as the original would.

A translator must not only convey the meaning of the literary work exactly, but also be ware of the competition with an author, refrain from liberties and inserting his/her own metaphors and idioms into the writing, as well as avoid loan translations.

Generally, literary translation requires full immersion of a translator into the age, environment, country and circumstances of the original text.

Literary translation is always an art

A true literary translation sets a goal to make reader to perceive the text in the way the author perceives it. The text of translation has to appear distinct, but new and unusual and in that way to enrich by fresh literal forms Russian language, the language to which it is translated.

Literary translation is a special kind of interpreters activity. Herein lays the difference between those, who translate texts for publishing, and those, who make translations of commercial, technical, medical or legal documents.

Literary translation isnt limited by translations of a fiction only. It also includes screenplays, poetry collections, travel guides and tutorials. Unlike the technical, juridical or medical translations, literary translation doesnt require knowledge of specific terminology, yet it calls for an imagination, vocabulary and personal attributes of an interpreter.

Translators, who work with literary translations, are required not only good knowledge of foreign language, but also perfect proficiencies in maternal language as well as senses of rhythm and style are essential for them. Translating the fiction, an interpreter has to be familiar with other books of the author. The labor of a translator is to understand the idea an author wanted to express and further to convey it on a language of translation.

During the last five years we have translated 17 books for publishing and heaps of articles, devoted to various fiction and art topics. Currently, our translation agency "Flarus" makes translations for two large publishing houses in Russia on a regular basis.

Costs for literary translations are calculated basing on agencys price-list.

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Detection of mutation on Circulating Tumour Cells.

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